The Planning Process

There are five steps that we use in our planning process. 

This is for us to learn more about you, your expectations, and travel style.


It starts with a phone call so that I learn about you and what you are looking forward to in your dream trip. I will want to know about past travel experiences, favorite excursions, hotel favorites, special requests, and of course if you're celebrating anything special. The more I know, the better equipped I am to customize your trip.


Once we've had our call, we start the planning process. I put together a few options based on what we discussed. This includes hotels, tours, flights, and other requests I may have received, all working within your budget. At this point it is very important to receive your feedback to know we are moving in the right direction. I also like to hear about any type of research you've done on your own.


Once we have designed the right itinerary, the booking process begins. You will be advised on deposits due, cancellations policies, and final payments. Once everything is confirmed, you will receive your customized itinerary. Before you leave on your trip, I like to connect with you and go over your trip to make sure everything is clear and to give you some time for questions.


It's time to go on your fabulous trip! As your travel advisor, I am here if you need anything while you travel.


Welcome home! Feedback is very important to me. I want to hear about your favorite parts of the trip and know where you're inspired to go next!

If I helped you have a wonderful experience, please share with your friends and family. Referrals are the best "thank you".